MPbk2TabGroupContainerCallback Class Reference

class MPbk2TabGroupContainerCallback

Phonebook 2 tab group container callback interface. Callback is responsible for creating the view nodes tab to the Avkon tab group and adding the tab icon infos to the icon info container. The implementation must take into consideration the view count.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MPbk2TabGroupContainerCallback ( ) [protected, inline, virtual]

Member Functions Documentation

CreateViewNodeTabL(const CPbk2ViewNode &, CAknTabGroup &, CPbk2IconInfoContainer &, TInt)

void CreateViewNodeTabL ( const CPbk2ViewNode & aNode,
CAknTabGroup & aAknTabGroup,
CPbk2IconInfoContainer & aTabIcons,
TInt aViewCount
) [pure virtual]

Creates the view node tab.


const CPbk2ViewNode & aNode View graph node.
CAknTabGroup & aAknTabGroup Avkon tab group.
CPbk2IconInfoContainer & aTabIcons Tab icon info container.
TInt aViewCount Amount of views in the tab.