Unified Keystore Overview

The Unified Keystore provides a unified view of all the keystores in a device.


The Unified Keystore provides an interface to access keys in various keystore implementations in the device. Symbian provides a default keystore implementation. Device creators may include Symbian's keystore implementation in a device and may add their own keystores.

Keystore functionality

The Unified Keystore API provides the following functionality:

  • Generate keys

  • List Keystores

  • Import keys

  • Export keys

  • List keys

  • Delete keys

  • Sign keys

These tasks are performed differently depending on the keystore version being used.

The Symbian keystore supports access control to the keystore using application UIDs. There are two modes of access:

  • Owner: As key owners, applications can create, delete and manage keys.

  • User: As key users, application can view and retrieve keys but cannot perform any modification operations.


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