Remote Control Framework Tutorial

In this tutorial series we will be looking at creating a Bluetooth Remote Control application.

Intended Audience:

This tutorial is designed for Symbian licensees and 3rd party application developers.

Remote Control Basics

Before moving on to the tutorials it may be useful to review some of the basic Remote Control Framework concepts.

  • Roles

    • Controller

      This device creates a connection over Bluetooth to the device to be controlled and sends the commands as required.

    • Target device

      The target device receives remote control commands and sends responses back along the same route to the controller. The target device can only operate in the connectionless mode. (See below)

    • Both

      Operates as both a remote controller and a target.

  • Modes

    • Connection-Oriented

      Creates a connection over a known bearer to a known device.

    • Connectionless

      Creates a connection using the Target Selector Plugin, which discovers the bearer and device address.

See the Remote Control Framework Overview for more details.

Using Bluetooth Remote Control Framework

The following tasks will be covered in this tutorial series:

  • Starting as Controller

    • Sending Commands

    • Receiving Responses

  • Starting as Target

    • Receiving Commands

    • Sending Responses