This document introduces you to the Histogram API of the Ecam component.


This document shows you the detailed description of tutorial and how to work with it.


A Histogram is a graph that gives the information about the exposure of the captured frame. It gives details about the distribution of light on a picture.

The histogram explains which portions of the frame are over-exposed or under-exposed and helps you to adjust the captured frame accordingly.

You can display the histogram information directly on a viewfinder or analyze it using any analysis software.

Setup and Configuration Requirements

The following examples assume a camera object exists.

The code in this tutorial can be found in …\os\mm\imagingandcamerafws\cameraunittest\src\ECamUnitTestPlugin\extended_functionality.cpp .

Using Histogram

The histograms can be created for:

  • still image

  • video frames

  • both client and direct viewfinders.