MVPbkContactFieldSelector Class Reference

class MVPbkContactFieldSelector

Virtual Phonebook Contact field selector interface. This interface can be used to create a selection object, which can determine which fields belong to the set criteria.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MVPbkContactFieldSelector ( ) [protected, inline, virtual]


Member Functions Documentation


TAny * ContactFieldSelectorExtension ( TUid ) [inline, virtual]

Returns an extension point for this interface or NULL.



IsFieldIncluded(const MVPbkBaseContactField &)

TBool IsFieldIncluded ( const MVPbkBaseContactField & aField ) const [pure virtual]

Returns true if aField belongs to the set defined by this field selector.

In case field is an IMPP field service name is compared to existing service installations. Only matched IMPP service providers are included.


const MVPbkBaseContactField & aField Contact field to check againt criteria.