Character Conversion (Charconv) Framework Overview

The Symbian platform uses UTF-16 encoded Unicode text. The Charconv Framework provides the APIs and converters to convert characters between foreign encodings and Unicode (UTF-16).


The Character Conversion Framework comprises two components:

  • The Character Encoding and Conversion Framework component is also referred to as Charconv Framework. It contains built-in converters for many languages. It also provides APIs for selecting built-in or plug-in converters.

  • The Character Encoding and Conversion Plug-ins component, also referred to as Charconv Plug-ins, contains ECom plug-in converters for various languages not supported by the built-in converters. Device creators can write additional plug-in converters by implementing the CCharacterSetConverterPluginInterface interface.

Figure 1. Charconv Framework collection

Using the Character Conversion Framework

Application developers can use the Charconv API to convert text between various encodings and Unicode.

Device creators can also write additional plug-in converters for specific encodings.