MMsgStoreMailBoxObserver Class Reference

class MMsgStoreMailBoxObserver

This class defines the mailbox observation API.

This class defines the abstract interface for the mailbox observer. Notification functions are provided to indicate adds/changes/deletes/moves.

Public Member Functions
void ModificationNotify ( TMsgStoreId , TMsgStoreOperation , TMsgStoreContainerType , TUint32 , TMsgStoreId , TMsgStoreId , TMsgStoreId )

Member Functions Documentation

ModificationNotify(TMsgStoreId, TMsgStoreOperation, TMsgStoreContainerType, TUint32, TMsgStoreId, TMsgStoreId, TMsgStoreId)

void ModificationNotify ( TMsgStoreId aMailBoxId,
TMsgStoreOperation aOperation,
TMsgStoreContainerType aType,
TUint32 aFlags,
TMsgStoreId aId,
TMsgStoreId aParentId,
TMsgStoreId aOtherId
) [pure virtual]

Notifies of updates to objects in the store.

This function notifies the observer of an add/change/delete/move of a mailbox object. The observer will not be notified of modifications that are performed from the observer's own message store session.

When adding a message, no observer notifications will be sent for the message, or for any attachments, until the message is committed (for the message itself, or for any attachments). When the message is committed, an Add notification will be sent for the message but not for any of the attachments.

When deleting a message or a folder, a Delete notification will be sent for the top-level deleted object, but not for any subordinate folders, messages, or attachments.

When copying a message, an Add notification will be sent when the copied message and all attachments have been fully committed, but no notifications will be sent for the attachments.


TMsgStoreId aMailBoxId
TMsgStoreOperation aOperation
TMsgStoreContainerType aType
TUint32 aFlags
TMsgStoreId aId
TMsgStoreId aParentId
TMsgStoreId aOtherId