TGlxCollectionSelectionPopup Class Reference

class TGlxCollectionSelectionPopup

Collection selection popup external interface

Shows a popup that contains a selectable list of media collections, such as albums or tags


Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C TInt ShowPopupL ( RArray < TUint32 > &, TUint32 , TBool , TBool )

Member Functions Documentation

ShowPopupL(RArray< TUint32 > &, TUint32, TBool, TBool)

IMPORT_C TInt ShowPopupL ( RArray < TUint32 > & aSelectedIds,
TUint32 aCollectionType,
TBool aAllowMultipleSelection,
TBool aEnableContainerCreation = ETrue
) [static]

Displays the list of selectable collections in a popup. Allows creation of a new collection. @ param aSelectedIds list of the selected item id @ param aType Type of the collection to be shown (albums, tags, locations, etc). KGlxCollectionTypeIdAlbum and KGlxCollectionTypeIdTag.


RArray < TUint32 > & aSelectedIds
TUint32 aCollectionType
TBool aAllowMultipleSelection If ETrue, popup allows selecting multiple collections If EFalse, only a single collection may be selected
TBool aEnableContainerCreation = ETrue