Changing the cryptographic strength

To change the cryptographic strength simply replace the cryptography.dll file, located in <your-SDK-path>\epoc32\release\<target>\<variant> , with a version of the DLL that has the required strength. There are two crypto DLLs available for selection, see Weak and strong cryptography .

So, for example, if you wanted to increase the strength of cryptography.dll in say <your-SDK-path>\epoc32\release\wins\urel to strong_cryptography.dll , then you would do this as follows:

  • Get a copy of strong_cryptography.dll from <your-SDK-path>\src\generic\security\crypto\import\bin\wins\urel

  • Paste this into <your-SDK-path>\epoc32\release\wins\urel

  • Rename the copied strong_cryptography.dll to cryptography.dll