TAndRClasses: typical ‘T’ and ‘R’ type classes


TAndRClasses shows a typical ‘T’ class and a typical ‘R’ class.

The ‘T’ type is a value type, owning no external object.

The ‘R’ type is a resource type; typically this is proxy for an object owned elsewhere. In practice, the 'R' type is a handle to a resource owned and managed by the Kernel.

In this example, the ‘R’ class derives from the standard Symbian platform handle class RTimer .


Click on the following link to download the example: TAndRClasses.zip

Click on the following link to download additional files: CommonFramework.zip

Click browse TAndRClasses to view the example code.

Click CommonFramework to view additional files.


The example includes the two project files needed for building: bld.inf and the .mmp file.

The Symbian platform build process describes how to build this application, which results in an executable called:

\epoc32\release\<target>\<urel or udeb>\TANDRCLASSES.EXE .


Run the executable TANDRCLASSES.EXE .

Executables for the emulator targets wins and winscw can be run on your PC. Executables for ARM targets must be copied to your target platform before being run.