Converting Manual Aperture to Automatic Aperture

This topic explains how to prepare the camera for the automatic aperture setting. By default, the automatic aperture setting is used if no manual aperture value has been given.

Before you start you should understand the Onboard Camera Overview topic.

The automatic aperture setting is implementation specific as to whether the default aperture is auto-aperture or any other value. If the camera cannot determine the aperture value being used, the KErrNotFound error is returned.

  1. Pass KUidECamEvent2CameraSettingAutoAperture as a value to TECAMEvent2 to notify the camera that the auto aperture setting is to be used. TECAMEvent2::iParam represents the actual numerical value of aperture being used for the auto aperture setting.

  2. Use the KUidECamEvent2CameraSettingAutoAperture value when you do not specify an aperture value in the CCameraAdvancedSettings::SetAperture(TInt) function or when you select exposure to the EExposureAuto or EExposureShutterPriority value. Note: By default CCamera has an automatic aperture setting .