MPbk2AiwInterestItem Class Reference

class MPbk2AiwInterestItem

Phonebook 2 AIW interest item interface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MPbk2AiwInterestItem ( ) [inline, virtual]


Member Functions Documentation

AttachL(const TInt, const TInt, const TBool)

void AttachL ( const TInt aMenuResourceId,
const TInt aInterestResourceId,
const TBool aAttachBaseServiceInterest
) [pure virtual]

Attaches an AIW interest resource to given menu resource.


const TInt aMenuResourceId Menu pane resource id.
const TInt aInterestResourceId Interest resource id.
const TBool aAttachBaseServiceInterest If ETrue, attaches also AIW base service.

DynInitMenuPaneL(const TInt, CEikMenuPane &, const MPbk2ContactUiControl &)

TBool DynInitMenuPaneL ( const TInt aResourceId,
CEikMenuPane & aMenuPane,
const MPbk2ContactUiControl & aControl
) [pure virtual]

Initializes the menu pane.


const TInt aResourceId Menu pane resource id.
CEikMenuPane & aMenuPane Menupane.
const MPbk2ContactUiControl & aControl Contact UI control.

HandleCommandL(const TInt, MPbk2ContactUiControl &, TInt)

TBool HandleCommandL ( const TInt aMenuCommandId,
MPbk2ContactUiControl & aControl,
TInt aServiceCommandId
) [pure virtual]

Handles menu and base commands. NOTE: Fill in parameter aServiceCommandId only if the function is not called after menu item selection (when AIW base services are used).


const TInt aMenuCommandId Id of the selected menu item.
MPbk2ContactUiControl & aControl UI control.
TInt aServiceCommandId Normally fetched from AIW framework based on supplied menu command id, but must be filled manually if command is to be called without a menu item command activation.


TInt InterestId ( ) const [pure virtual]

Returns the interest id.