MHnEventGenerator Class Reference

class MHnEventGenerator

Hierarchy navigator event generator.

This class is an interface for event triggering in hierarchy navigator. Events being triggered may be e.g. SuiteLoaded, ItemFocus, etc. It also mediates in events being passed from the UI.

S60 5.0
Public Member Functions
TInt TriggerHnEventL (const TInt , const TInt , CLiwGenericParamList *)

Member Functions Documentation

TriggerHnEventL(const TInt, const TInt, CLiwGenericParamList *)

TInt TriggerHnEventL ( const TInt aHnEventId,
const TInt aRecipientId,
CLiwGenericParamList * aEventParameters = NULL
) [pure virtual]

Method is invoked whenever any component wants to trigger an event inside hierarchy navigator.

S60 5.0


const TInt aHnEventId Event type id to trigger.
const TInt aRecipientId The id of the recipient item which the event concerns.
CLiwGenericParamList * aEventParameters = NULL Event specific parameters used to perform action.