This document introduces you to the Camera Plugin Support API.


This API is implemented as an Ecom plug-in.

Camera Plugin Support Library Details

The DLL that provides the functionality and the library to which your code must link is identified below.

DLL LIB Short Description






These files are used for implementing the Camera Plug-in Support functionalities.


When a new camera object is required, the Ecam library requests a camera plug-in from the Ecom framework. When more than one ROM based plug-ins have been registered on the platform, the one with the highest version defined in its resource file is selected.

Symbian version of the plug-in is a stub intended for replacement by an alternate implementation.

ECam implementation provides static information about camera support to the client, by deriving from CcameraInfoPlugin() . Method Ccamera::CamerasAvailable() is implemented through concrete implementation of CcameraInfoPlugin virtual method. Implementers need to register support for the interface KuidOnboardCameraPlugin in their resource file.

Camera Plugin Support Key Classes

All cameras are Ecom plug-ins sub-classed from CcameraPlugin class and register support for the interface KuidOnboardCameraPlugin in their resource file. The key classes that make up the Camera Plug-in Support API is CcameraPlugin .

Using Camera Plugin Support

The current implementation of the camera expects cameras to be implemented as Ecom plug-ins. The ROM plug-in with the highest version is selected at instantiation phase. The plug-in implements CCamera interface, defined in ECam.h .

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