MHnSuiteObserver Class Reference

class MHnSuiteObserver

Suite observer interface class.

Interface, for observers of suite events. Suite May inform its observers about different situation it encoutners. e.g. suite informs all about its initialization, its deletion, about updates of items. This interface is also used by the suite container stack to inform all interested classes of new suite being pushed or popped from the stack.

S60 5.0
Public Member Functions
void HandleSuiteEventL ( THnCustomSuiteEvent , CHnSuiteModel *)

Member Functions Documentation

HandleSuiteEventL(THnCustomSuiteEvent, CHnSuiteModel *)

void HandleSuiteEventL ( THnCustomSuiteEvent aCustomSuiteEvent,
CHnSuiteModel * aModel
) [pure virtual]

Whenever an event occurs, and suite wants to notify observers, it invokes this method on all of its own observers, passing the information about the particular event as a parameter.


THnCustomSuiteEvent aCustomSuiteEvent Type of evetn
CHnSuiteModel * aModel Suite presentation model that is notifying.