Creating Snapshots

This document introduces you to creating a snaphot.


This document describes the various APIs used to create a snapshot.


Snapshot shows the captured images on the display almost instantaneously. Snapshots may be created for video as well and the client may further specify the video frames from which the snapshot can be generated.

The client can specify the properties of the snapshot, such as size, background colour and position to be used if the snapshot has been scaled, etc. Snapshot can be taken using both direct viewfinder and client viewfinder.

Setup and Configuration Requirements

To need to use Snapshot you need to use McameraObserver2 interface.

  1. You need to create instance of this class from image capture or video capture control class object. This allows better handling of snapshot features by tying it closely to the given image or video capture object.

  2. You need to call this class when the camera is ready and the image is captured or the buffer of captured video data is ready.

Note : You should not create the instance of this class directly.

Using Snapshot

You can perform the following tasks using the CcameraSnapshot interface.

You can also perform the above tasks using CCamera::CCameraDirectSnapshot interface. Licensees can implement extra features on snapshot using MCameraSnapshot2 interface.

Types of Snapshot

  • Client snapshot for videos

  • Client snapshot for still images

  • Direct snapshot for still images

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