What are CMI files?

CMI files are used to specify the behaviour of a thread in the Comms process.

The Comms process is called the Root Server and the threads are called Comms Provider Modules (CPMs). The Root Server is launched from c32exe.exe and has UID 101f7989 . When the device is booted, the CMI files are processed by Configurator ( c32start.exe, 101f7988 ) and provide the following information about each CPM:

  • an identity name to Configurator for the CPM

  • the name of the DLL that provides the code for the CPM, and its function entry point

  • a priority for the thread

  • details of when the CPM is loaded, for example if it loads during boot or only loads when requested

  • the point in the system startup sequence when this CPM is loaded

  • details of the type of heap to use and the stack size

  • details of when the thread is System Critical and if the device needs to be rebooted if the thread panics

  • details of when the thread is allowed to shutdown