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30pxCategory Owner: Paul Beusterien

Note: This category is intended for use by package owners and technology managers working with Symbian tools. For that reason, the category should be used by each of the tools packages to collect them together in a consistent way. The category should not be used for pages about individual tools - that's what the Tools category is for, since that is what developers seeking tools will be signposted towards.

For those interested in package details - all the tools maintained by Symbian are organised into a series of packages. Together, these packages make up the Tools technology domain.

Below are links to the wiki pages for each tools package, the packages they consolidate (following tools package re-organisation in March 2010), the package owner and the kit in which they can be found.

Tools Package Former Package(s) Package Owner Found in
Eclipse IDE IDE, Eclipse Environment Ken Ryall ADT, PDT
Static Analysis Static Analysis Apps, Static Analysis Middleware, Compatibility Analysis Apps, Compatibility Analysis Middleware Shrivatsa Swadi ADT, PDT
Dynamic Analysis Dynamic Analysis Apps, Dynamic Analysis Middleware, Dynamic Analysis Control and Capture, OS RnD Tools, Platform Tools, RnD Tools Matti Laitinen ADT, PDT
Simulator *NOTYET* QEMU and Baseport (Note: QEMU should split from the OS Base Service Package) Andrew Jordan ADT, PDT
Device Debug Device Debug Services Ravi Kurupati ADT, PDT
SDK Creation SDK Creation Apps, SDK Creation Middleware Dhanvantri Rajpuroh PDT
Test Test Creation and Management, Test Execution, Test Frameworks Johnson Ma PDT
Build Build, Build Tools, Host Environment Larry Knibb ADT, PDT
UI *NOTYET* User Interface, User Interface Tools Vasudev Srinivasarao, Steven Yao Carbide.ui
SW System Configuration SW Config Tools, SW Configuration Apps, SW Configuration Middleware Teemu Rytkönen Carbide.v
Web Development Tools Web Runtime Tools Eugene Ostroukhov WRT Tools
Documentation *NOTYET* Docscontent, Doctools Dominic Pinkman, Michel Szarindar ADT, PDT
Stubs Stubs Sampo Savolainen PDT