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30pxCategory Owner: Scott Weiss

This category contains topics related to the User Interface technology domain.

If you're interested in the UI in a broader sense, have a look at the User Interface wiki page.

Areas covered include:

  • UI Frameworks providing visual and application controls, windows and scenegraph management services
  • Animation and Transition Effects frameworks and standard plugins
  • Graphics drawing: 2D, 3D, SVG
  • Text and Font Rendering
  • Input Method Processing: FEP, Speech Recognition, Gesture processing
  • Input & Feedback event handling: touch, sensor, key, pointer and associated haptics
  • Display Management: Composition control, display output (onboard/external)

Note that this category (and domain!) is for technologies that enable User Interfaces on the Symbian platform. If you're interested in using these technologies, then we suggest you search for topics of interest, or browse the appropriate Category:Programming Environments.