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Adds appropriate category for current language sub-page.

File:Note.pngNote: This template is temporary. We hope to have support for dynamically added category links in the near future

This wiki uses sub-pages named with a language specific code to represent pages in different languages - if a translation exists it is automatically linked in the languages navigation sidebar. In addition, a category is added to each page associated with its language. Unfortunately, while the category does control the position of the page, it isn't currently displayed on the bottom of the page.

This template can be added to a page to display the category link. At time of writing, categories will be added for the following page extensions

  • en : English
  • ja : Japanese
  • ru : Russian
  • zh-hans : Chinese (Simplified)
  • es : Spanish





where code is a supported language code: ja, ru, es, zh-hans, zh, es If the code is specified, this will be used in preference to any sub page.

More information on language support on this wiki is available here: Symbian Developer Community:Language Policy