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35px Symbian on BeagleBoard
 > BeagleBoard in a Nutshell > BeagleBoard Quick Start > Extending the BeagleBoard > The Wild Ducks Project

Follow this trail to get started with Symbian on BeagleBoard. Having completed this trail you will understand what the BeagleBoard is, how to build and install Symbian on the BeagleBoard, and how to make use of accessories such as the BeagleUMTS board, the BYD LCD display and the Zippy extension.

The trail leads you through the following topics:

  • BeagleBoard in a Nutshell
    A very high level look at the BeagleBoard and why it matters for Symbian
  • BeagleBoard Quick Start
    This is a brief guide to help you get the Symbian platform running the BeagleBoard.
  • Extending the BeagleBoard
    A look at the BeagleBoard hardware extensions supported by Symbian
  • The Wild Ducks Project
    The Wild Ducks Project is about making an open Symbian phone based on off the shelf hardware. It is something you can do yourself, in your home or office for a reasonable cost.