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Symbian Documentation on this Site

Reference Libraries

Books and Example Code

A number of books about Symbian are available in print and electronic formats. Find out more from the Book category of this wiki.

You can find example code here.

Platform Developer Wiki Application Developer Wiki
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The intent of the wiki is to host almost every article, video, e-learning module and other resource about development on the Symbian platform, and to describe how to work with the Symbian Foundation. The wiki is straightforward to use, but for a detailed instructions, see the Help:Contents provided through the navigation sidebar.

The wiki can be searched though you might find it easier to find what you are looking for by browsing the full list of categories or the selection on this page. You can always navigate back to this page using the navigation box at the top left of every wiki page.

Almost every article may be freely edited, rated, categorised or commented by any logged in user. Users are encouraged to review and improve existing topics, and to create new topics. If you're wondering where to start, see our guide on contributing to the wiki - or just jump in and create a topic based on the skeleton topic pages!

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