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Testing Guidelines for Package ReleasesTesting in SymbianTests
Text & Localisation ServicesText & Localisation Services/BacklogText & Localisation Services/Backlog/Backlog Details
Text and Localisation/ScorecardThe Architecture of the System Model
The Future Of Mobile VideoThe GCCE toolchain initiative
The Hitch Hikers Guide to DocumentationThe Hitch Hikers Guide to the Runtime SpaceThe Hitch Hikers Guide to the Runtime Space/zh-hans
The Lifecycle of a Platform Release
The Open Source Alternative
The Symbian Platform PlanThe Symbian Platform Plan/jaThe Symbian Test Cycle
Third Party Porting Solutions
Three-rings and Medium-speed Micro-powder GrinderTips for Big Builds with Raptor
Tools Package Consolidation Proposal - 2010Q1Tools Package Owners MeetingsTools Presentation at September 16, 2009 Silicon Valley Symbian SIG
Tools Q&AsTools SIG Proceedings - October 29 2009Tools SIG Proceedings ipaper presentations - October 29 2009
Tools alignment in Static Analysis PackageTowards an Open Development CultureTowelDay2010
Trace Analyser Carbide ExtensionTrace Builder Carbide Extension
Trace Viewer Carbide ExtensionTracking Bugtracker Patches
Tracking Package featuresTracking contributions using commit Mailing Lists
Troubleshooting Installation Errors
Tuesday 20th July; 1400-1700: WorkshopUIC/2009-04-23 Inaugural UIC meetingUIC/2009-05-19 Teleconference
UIC/2009-06-24 Face-to-faceUIC/2009-07-22 Teleconference
UIC/2009-08-25 WorkshopUIC/2009-08-26 Face-to-face
UIC/2009-09-30 TeleconferenceUIC/2009-10-26 WorkshopUIC/2009-10-29 Face-to-face
UIC/2009-11-25 TeleconferenceUIC/2009-11-25 Teleconference/jaUIC/2009-12-16 Teleconference
UIC/2010-01-12 WorkshopUIC/2010-01-12 Workshop/jaUIC/2010-01-13
UIC/2010-01-27 TeleconferenceUIC/2010-02-05 Teleconference
UIC/2010-03-04 TeleconferenceUIC/2010-04-26 WorkshopUIC/2010-04-27 Face-to-face
UIC/2010-05-18 Face-to-faceUIC/2010-06-09 TeleconferenceUIC/2010-06-23 Teleconference
UIC/2010-07-21 TeleconferenceUIC/2010-09-08 Face-to-faceUIC/2010-10-07 Teleconference
UIC/2010-11-11 Face-to-faceUIC/Action ListUIC/ja
UIC assessment of time spent H1 2010
UIQUIResources Package/BacklogUI Accelerator Package
UI Accelerator Package/BacklogUI Framework Migration Working GroupUI Framework Migration Working Group/Delivery and Risk
UI Framework Migration Working Group/Delivery and Risk/UIFM Delivery minutesUI Framework Migration Working Group/Marketing and PRUI Framework Migration Working Group/Platform Impact
UI Framework Migration Working Group/Platform Impact/MinutesUI Framework Migration Working Group/Tools and SupportUI Framework Migration Working Group/Tools and Support/Technical Documentation
UI Resources Package
UI Tools Package
USB Services Package/Backlog
Unified Trace SolutionUnslow Static Analysis Report
User Interface
Using Carbide.c++Using Carbide.c++/ruUsing Google Maps with WRTKit
Using HookLoggerUsing Hudson for Building
Using Mailing Lists Quick StartUsing Mercurial ScreencastsUsing Mercurial Tags
Using Raptor in pre-Symbian Foundation SDKsUsing SALT to validate a baseport
Using Symbian platform roadmapsUsing UHEAP macros to test OOM situations
Using the System Model
Using the developer forumsUtils PackageUtils Package/Backlog
VSI crusher/sand makerVibrant build-and-test hubVideoTelephony roadmap
Video Center PackageVideo Centre package/backlog
Video Editor packageVideo Player PackageVideo Player Package/Backlog
Video Player Package/feature marking mode to myvideosVideo Player Package/feature move mprecognizer to middlewareVideo Player Package/feature nga support for playback
Video Player Package/feature playback view gesture supportVideoeditor/Backlog
Videoutils PackageVideoutils Package/BacklogVipeak Series Spiral Separator
Voice Recorder PackageVoice Recorder Package/BacklogVpnclient
WINSCW (build version information)WKS series Symons cone crusherWK 39 Graphics Community Sync
WK 40 Graphics Community SyncWK 41 Graphics Community SyncWK 42 Graphics Community Sync
WK 43 Graphics Community SyncWK 44 Graphics Community SyncWK 45 Graphics Community Sync
WK 46 Graphics Community Sync
WRT Tutorial - Part 2: Structuring the Digg Client UIWRT Tutorial - Part 3: Requesting data from Digg and displaying the resultsWRT Tutorial - Part 4: Refining the UI
WRT Tutorial - Part 5: Installing the widget on your phoneWRT Tutorial – Part 1: Creating a “Hello World” widget with Nokia WRT & Aptana Studio
Web Extensions Package
Web Extensions Package/BacklogWeb PackageWeb Package/Backlog
Web Services Package
Web Services Package/Backlog
Web UIs PackageWeb UIs Package/Backlog
Webuis PackageWednesday 11th August; 1100-1230
Wednesday 18th August; 1100-1230Wednesday 1st September; 1130-1300Wednesday 4th August; 1100-1230
Weds 23rd June; 1100-1230Weds 7th July; 1100-1230What are the Kits?
What are the Kits?/jaWhat are the Kits?/zh-hansWhat are the application developer kits?
What are the application developer kits?/zh-hansWhat are the developer environment system requirements?What are the product development kits?
What are the product development kits?/jaWhat are the product development kits?/zh-hansWhat is Open Source?
What is Single Transferable Vote?Which PDT with my PDK
Wiki Documentation BoF SEE2009
Wild ducks/about the project
Wild ducks project/AboutWild ducks project/BYD LCD and Touch board
Wild ducks project/Hardware
Wild ducks project/Media coverageWild ducks project/Meeting minutesWild ducks project/Mentions
Wild ducks project/NewsWild ducks project/Nokia Push SnowboardingWild ducks project/Pizza
Wild ducks project/Quick Start for DevelopersWild ducks project/Reference DocumentationWild ducks project/Reference Documentation/USBIPC for Beagleboard Beagle UMTS communication
Wild ducks project/SPIWild ducks project/Scratchpad buildding a telephony demoWild ducks project/Steam Duck
Wild ducks project/SymbianWild ducks project/TestingWild ducks project/Todo
Wild ducks project/Wild Ducks Meetings/WD minutes meeting 23 02 2010
Wlan/BacklogWorking Group GuidelinesWorking Principle of Straight Centrifugal Grinder
Working with Mercurial Queues
Writing portable code and maintaining ports
WrttoolsWrttools/BacklogXJK Series Flotation Machine
XML Services PackageXML Services Package/Backlog
YA Series Vibrating ScreenYGMX High Pressure Ultrafine GrinderYGM Medium Speed Grinder
ZeroConf implementation over RPnP API“Rock, Paper, Scissors”: A Bluetooth Multiplayer Game