TMsvSchedulePackage Class Reference

class TMsvSchedulePackage

Packaged message scheduling information.

Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C voidPackLC(TTaskInfo &, HBufC *&)
IMPORT_C voidUnpackL(const TTaskInfo &, const TDesC &)
Private Member Functions
TPtrC Convert(const TDesC8 &)
TPtrC8 Convert(const TDesC16 &)
voidExternalizeL(RWriteStream &)
voidInternalizeL(RReadStream &)
HBufC *PackLC()
voidUnpackL(const TDesC &)
Public Attributes
TInt iCommandId
TMsvId iId
TBuf8< KMaxParameterLength >iParameter
TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds32 iPollProgress

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



Default constructor.

Member Functions Documentation

Convert(const TDesC8 &)

TPtrC Convert(const TDesC8 &aDes)const [private]


const TDesC8 & aDes

Convert(const TDesC16 &)

TPtrC8 Convert(const TDesC16 &aDes)const [private]


const TDesC16 & aDes

ExternalizeL(RWriteStream &)

voidExternalizeL(RWriteStream &)const [private]


RWriteStream &

InternalizeL(RReadStream &)

voidInternalizeL(RReadStream &)[private]


RReadStream &

PackLC(TTaskInfo &, HBufC *&)

IMPORT_C voidPackLC(TTaskInfo &aTask,
HBufC *&aDes

Packs the object into a 16-bit descriptor.

The function then attempts to copy the descriptor into aTask.iName, if aTask.iName is large enough; otherwise, it copies it into aDes (a new HBufC).

aDes is placed on the cleanup stack.


TTaskInfo & aTaskTask information for this message.
HBufC *& aDesOn return, a new descriptor, possibly packaging the object. aDes.Length() == 0 if the object was successfully packed in aTask.iName instead.


HBufC *PackLC()const [private]

UnpackL(const TTaskInfo &, const TDesC &)

IMPORT_C voidUnpackL(const TTaskInfo &aTask,
const TDesC &aDes

Restores this object from a 16-bit descriptor that was packed using PackLC().


const TTaskInfo & aTaskThe object is restored from aTask.iName if aTask.iName.Length() doesn't equal zero.
const TDesC & aDesThe object is restored from this descriptor if aTask.iName.Length() equals zero.

UnpackL(const TDesC &)

voidUnpackL(const TDesC &aDes)[private]


const TDesC & aDes

Member Data Documentation

TInt iCommandId

TInt iCommandId

Command ID to be passed to CMsvSession::TransferCommandL() when it is time to send the messages.

TMsvId iId

TMsvId iId

Message ID.

TBuf8< KMaxParameterLength > iParameter

TBuf8< KMaxParameterLength >iParameter

Server MTM specific binary data to be passed to CMsvSession::TransferCommandL() when it is time to send the messages.

TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds32 iPollProgress

TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds32 iPollProgress

Intervals at which the scheduler should check the sending operation's progress.