Main pane

The main pane is the main area of the screen where an application can display its data.

There are a number of standard components for applications to use in the main pane as listed in the following table:

Table 1. Standard components for applications to use in main pane
Pane Description


There are several standard list types to choose from (see Lists and grids for a detailed description of the list types).

In the landscape mode, two row lists are most commonly stretched to be displayed in one row, which enables displaying more items in landscape. List stretching is ON by default, but application can decide to disable it.


Items can be presented on a two-directional grid.

Find pane

The Find pane is used together with a list, and it allows the user to search list items alphabetically (see Find pane for more information about the Find pane).

Soft indicators

Soft indicators only exist in the home screen. See Indicators for more information on status indicators and soft indicators.

Applications can also use the main pane area to freely draw whatever is needed. In that case, however, the responsibility for the look and feel is entirely on the application's designer.

For information on how to implement your application using the Symbian application and UI frameworks, see Application and UI frameworks.