CParserPropertyValueDateTime Class Reference

class CParserPropertyValueDateTime : public CParserTimePropertyValue

A date/time property value parser.

The date/time value is contained in a TVersitDateTime object.

The UID for a date/time property value is KVersitPropertyDateTimeUid.

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Public Member Functions
CParserPropertyValueDateTime(TVersitDateTime *)
IMPORT_C voidConvertAllDateTimesToUTCL(const TTimeIntervalSeconds &, const CVersitDaylight *)
IMPORT_C voidConvertAllUTCDateTimesToMachineLocalL(const TTimeIntervalSeconds &)
IMPORT_C voidExternalizeL(RWriteStream &, const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset &, TInt)
TVersitDateTime *Value()
Inherited Functions
CBase::Delete(CBase *)
CBase::Extension_(TUint,TAny *&,TAny *)
CBase::operator new(TUint)
CBase::operator new(TUint,TAny *)
CBase::operator new(TUint,TLeave)
CBase::operator new(TUint,TLeave,TUint)
CBase::operator new(TUint,TUint)
CParserPropertyValue::Append(TDes16 &,TDesC8 &)
CParserPropertyValue::CParserPropertyValue(const TUid &)
CParserPropertyValue::EncodeL(CBufBase *,const TDesC8 &,const TUid &)const
CParserPropertyValue::FoldAndWriteValueToStreamL(RWriteStream &,const TDesC &,const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset &,TInt &)const
CParserPropertyValue::FoldEncodeAndWriteValueToStreamL(RWriteStream &,const CDesCArray *,const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset &,TInt &)const
CParserPropertyValue::FoldEncodeAndWriteValueToStreamL(RWriteStream &,const TDesC &,const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset &,TInt &)const
CParserPropertyValue::SetPlugIn(MVersitPlugIn *)
CParserTimePropertyValue::CParserTimePropertyValue(const TUid &)
CParserTimePropertyValue::ConvertDateTime(TDateTime &,const TTimeIntervalSeconds &,const CVersitDaylight *,TBool)
CParserTimePropertyValue::ConvertDateTime(TDateTime *,const TTimeIntervalSeconds &,const CVersitDaylight *)
CParserTimePropertyValue::EncodeTimePeriodL(TDes8 &,const TTime &)const
CParserTimePropertyValue::EncodeVersitDateTimeL(TDes8 &,const TVersitDateTime &,TBool)const
CParserTimePropertyValue::SupportsInterface(const TUid &)const
Protected Attributes
TVersitDateTime *iValue

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CParserPropertyValueDateTime(TVersitDateTime *)

IMPORT_CCParserPropertyValueDateTime(TVersitDateTime *aValue)

Constructs a CParserPropertyValueDateTime with a TVersitDateTime value.

Sets the property value's UID to KVersitPropertyDateTimeUid.


TVersitDateTime * aValuePointer to the date/time specification, which includes information about the date/time. The property value takes ownership of the pointer.



Frees all resources owned by the property value, prior to its destruction.

Member Functions Documentation

ConvertAllDateTimesToUTCL(const TTimeIntervalSeconds &, const CVersitDaylight *)

IMPORT_C voidConvertAllDateTimesToUTCL(const TTimeIntervalSeconds &aIncrement,
const CVersitDaylight *aDaylight

Converts the object's date/time value into universal time.

The date/time is checked against the daylight saving information provided in aDaylight. If it falls inside the daylight saving period then the daylight saving offset is subtracted from the time to convert it to universal time. Otherwise aIncrement is added to the date/time to convert it to universal time.

Note that the daylight savings offset will adjust the time both for the daylight saving and for the time zone.

The function has no effect if the value is already stored as universal time.

If aDaylight is a NULL pointer then aIncrement is used.

since 9.1


const TTimeIntervalSeconds & aIncrementA time interval in seconds which represents the negative of the time zone of the originating machine.For instance, if the time zone is +04:30 (that is 4hr 30mins ahead of UTC), aIncrement should be set to minus the number of seconds in 4hr 30mins.
const CVersitDaylight * aDaylightPointer to the specification for daylight saving. If the date/time value is within the period for daylight saving, the value is modified by the daylight saving offset (which accounts for both the time zone and daylight saving rule).

ConvertAllUTCDateTimesToMachineLocalL(const TTimeIntervalSeconds &)

IMPORT_C voidConvertAllUTCDateTimesToMachineLocalL(const TTimeIntervalSeconds &aIncrement)[virtual]

Converts the date/time property value into machine-local time.

This process involves adjusting the date/time value by the offset in aIncrement.

The function has no effect if the value is already stored as machine-local time.

since 9.1


const TTimeIntervalSeconds & aIncrementA time interval which represents the number of seconds which is to be added to the date/time value. This should normally be the universal time offset for the machine's locale.

ExternalizeL(RWriteStream &, const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset &, TInt)

IMPORT_C voidExternalizeL(RWriteStream &aStream,
const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset &,

Externalises the date/time property value to aStream.


RWriteStream & aStreamStream to which the value should be externalised
const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset &


TVersitDateTime *Value()const [inline]

Gets a pointer to the date/time property value.

Member Data Documentation

TVersitDateTime * iValue

TVersitDateTime *iValue[protected]