TSuplTerminalPeriodicTrigger Class Reference

class TSuplTerminalPeriodicTrigger

Class defines detailed information of a Periodic Type of Trigger.

S60 5.2
Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C TIntGet(TUint &, TUint &, TUint &)
IMPORT_C TIntSet(const TUint &, const TUint &, const TUint &)
Private Attributes
TBool iAreParamsSet
TUint iInterval
TUint iNoOfFixes
TUint iStartTime

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



Default constructor to Reset the object.

Member Functions Documentation

Get(TUint &, TUint &, TUint &)

IMPORT_C TIntGet(TUint &aNoOfFixes,
TUint &aInterval,
TUint &aStartTime

Returns periodic trigger parameters. Client must set the values before calling Get()


TUint & aNoOfFixes
TUint & aInterval
TUint & aStartTime

Set(const TUint &, const TUint &, const TUint &)

IMPORT_C TIntSet(const TUint &aNoOfFixes,
const TUint &aInterval,
const TUint &aStartTime

Sets Periodic Trigger Parameters The client have some limitations while setting the periodic trigger parameters A client can set the number of fixes ranging from 1 to 8639999. A client can set the time interval ranging from 1 to 8639999 in seconds A client can set the start time ranging from 0 seconds to 2678400 in seconds


const TUint & aNoOfFixes
const TUint & aInterval
const TUint & aStartTime

Member Data Documentation

TBool iAreParamsSet

TBool iAreParamsSet[private]

TUint iInterval

TUint iInterval[private]

TUint iNoOfFixes

TUint iNoOfFixes[private]

TUint iStartTime

TUint iStartTime[private]