Playing Tones

This document describes how to play various types of tones and how to pause and resume a tone.

Before you start playing a tone, you must:

  1. Construct a new instance of DevSound using the CMMFDevSound::NewL() function.

  2. Initialize DevSound using the CMMFDevSound::InitializeL() function.

    This function requires that you specify the DevSound observer class to handle callbacks. Once initialization has completed, successfully or otherwise, DevSound calls the MDevSoundObserver::InitializeComplete() function.

  3. Configure DevSound according to the tone you select to play.

    Note: The configuration differs according to the tone played.

  1. Playing a Tone

  2. Playing a DTMF Tone

  3. Playing a Tone Sequence

  4. Playing a Fixed Tone Sequence

  5. Pausing and Resuming a Tone