PSY Tester

The PSY Tester is an application that allows device creators to test their PSYs.

PSY Tester

The PSY Tester is is used by PSY developers to test the correct behaviour of any PSYs that they develop.

PSY Tester is implemented as a console application (EXE) and is invoked via the file browser or eshell.

The main EXE file is named psytester.exe. This EXE is in C:\sys\bin for target builds and <SOURCE_DRIVE>\EPOC32\release\wins\udeb\ for emulator builds, where <SOURCE_DRIVE> is the drive where the SDK is installed.

An additional EXE called psycrtester.exe is used to test the capabilities of a PSY.

PSY Tester consists of a number of test cases that are applied to the PSY under test.

The test cases generate a number of test results that are logged to a PSY specific log file found in C:\logs\psytester\<PSYNAME>_<UID>.txt.

For information about how to test a PSY, see PSY Tester Tutorial.

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