TTypeUid Class Reference

class TTypeUid : public TUid

Part of the object provider mechanism, this class encapsulates the Uid that identifies the type of object that an object provider is to get.

The class is also used to encapsulate a pointer to the object that the object provider has found.

An object that is intended to be capable of being retrieved by the object provider mechanism must include enum {ETypeId = 0xabcdefgh}; in its class definition, where 0xabcdefgh is the Uid value. The macro DECLARE_TYPE_ID can be used to do this.

An instance of this class is passed to the MObjectProvider::MopSupplyObject() function implemented by an object provider. A TTypeUid::Ptr is also returned by this function.


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Constructor that takes a Uid value.


TInt aUidThe Uid value that defines the type of object that an object provider is to get.

Member Functions Documentation

MakePtr(T *)

Ptr MakePtr(T *aT)const [inline]

Constructs a Ptr which encapsulates the specified object pointer.


T * aTA pointer to the object which is to be encapsulated.


Ptr Null()[static, inline]

Constructs a Ptr which encapsulates a NULL pointer.