TUid Class Reference

class TUid

A globally unique 32-bit number.

Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C TUidNameName()
TUid Null()
TUid Uid(TInt)
IMPORT_C TBooloperator!=(const TUid &)
IMPORT_C TBooloperator==(const TUid &)
Public Attributes
TInt32 iUid

Member Functions Documentation


IMPORT_C TUidNameName()const

Generates and returns the standard text form of the UID.

The resulting text has the form:


The function always generates 10 characters, where the first and last characters are open and close square brackets enclosing exactly 8 hexadecimal digits (padded to the left with zeroes, if necessary).


TUid Null()[static, inline]

Constructs a Null-valued TUid object.


TUid Uid(TIntaUid)[static, inline]

Constructs the TUid object from a 32-bit integer.


TInt aUidThe 32-bit integer value from which the TUid object is to be constructed.

operator!=(const TUid &)

IMPORT_C TBooloperator!=(const TUid &aUid)const

Compares two UIDs for inequality.


const TUid & aUidThe UID to be compared with this UID.

operator==(const TUid &)

IMPORT_C TBooloperator==(const TUid &aUid)const

Compares two UIDs for equality.


const TUid & aUidThe UID to be compared with this UID.

Member Data Documentation

TInt32 iUid

TInt32 iUid

The 32-bit integer UID value.