btengserver.cpp File Reference

const TLitC< sizeof(L"BTEngine")/2 > KBTEngThreadName

const TLitC< sizeof(L"BTEngine")/2 >KBTEngThreadName[static]

Bluetooth Engine server thread name

const TInt KBTEngSrvIdleTimeout

const TIntKBTEngSrvIdleTimeout

Timeout (3 sec) for shutting down the server (when power is off and no clients connected).

const TStaticSecurityPolicy KBTEngPSKeyReadPolicy

const TStaticSecurityPolicyKBTEngPSKeyReadPolicy

PubSub key read and write policies

const TStaticSecurityPolicy KBTEngPSKeyWritePolicy

const TStaticSecurityPolicyKBTEngPSKeyWritePolicy


TInt E32Main()