Handle errors and problems

This section describes causes of errors and problems during PSY testing,

If the PSY that is tested by PSY Tester panics, there is no way for PSY Tester to handle this and so PSY Tester also panics. For a hint of what went wrong, the user can view the log file and see what was tested before the PSY raised the panic. Tests that have been identified as possible causes of PSY panics (for example Stress Tests) are performed last so that other tests can be performed even if the PSY panics for later tests.

The Parameter Test checks the values of the PSY's parameters. If it fails it is likely that subsequent tests will also fail because of the erroneous parameter settings. Therefore errors identified by the Parameter Test should be corrected first before correcting other identified errors.

When PSY Tester performs Location Request Test, it assumes that the PSY will return the location fix or error status. PSY Tester does not associate a time-out for the location request and waits indefinitely if the PSY does not return.

If the PSY does not have appropriate capabilities (Location, ReadUserData, WriteUserData, ReadDeviceData, WriteDeviceData, NetworkServices, LocalServices, CommDD, ProtServ, PowerMgmt, TrustedUI, SurroundingsDD, UserEnvironment), PSY tester will not list the PSY in its List view and the user will not be able to test the PSY.

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