Secure Software Install Tools Overview

The Secure Software Install Tools collection contains PC-side tools which enable you to generate, sign and preinstall Symbian Installation files (SIS files). The collection also includes a set of tools, which enable you to extract information from SIS files, SWIcertstore and registry entries for analysis.


  • MaKeKeys is a stand-alone tool that enables you to create a private key-public key pair and generate certificate requests.

  • The SWI Analysis Toolkit provides command-line tools that enable you to:

    • extract information from software install registry entries

    • extract certificate and its corresponding capabilities from SWIcerstore

    • validate certificate chains and extract capability details associated with a SIS file.

  • Secure Software Install SIS Tools are command-line tools that enable you to create, sign, decompile, preinstall and uninstall SIS files.

Using Secure Software Install Tools

You can use this collection to perform the following tasks:

  • Create an installation file (SIS)

    You can create and sign an installation file. For more information, see Creating and Signing an Installation File.

  • Preinstall a SIS file

    Device creators can preinstall packages on a device system drive or an external media card. For more information, see Preinstalling Packages.

  • Extract certificate information from SWIcertstore

    You can extract information about certificates and their corresponding capabilities. For more information, see DumpSWICertstoreTool.

  • Extract information from a Software Install Registry Entry

    You can extract information such as package UID, package name and vendor name from a registry entry. For more information, see DumpSWIRegistryTool .