MLafEnv Class Reference

class MLafEnv

LAF interface to access the current system environment settings.

It is implemented by the Uikon Core, and effectively allows the LAF limited access to the current thread's CEikonEnv.

Member Functions Documentation


const CFbsBitmap *Bitmap(TUidaBmpUid)const [pure virtual]

Gets an environment bitmap specified by UID.


TUid aBmpUidThe UID of the bitmap to retrieve.

Color(TLogicalColor, TUid)

TRgb Color(TLogicalColoraLogicalColor,
TUidaColorListUid = KNullUid
)const [pure virtual]

Gets the environment's physical (TRgb) colour that corresponds to the specified logical colour.


TLogicalColor aLogicalColorLogical colour.
TUid aColorListUid = KNullUidUID of the colour list from which to get the mapping. The default value is the environment's list.

ControlColor(TLogicalColor, const CCoeControl &)

TRgb ControlColor(TLogicalColoraLogicalColor,
const CCoeControl &aControl
)const [pure virtual]

Gets the physical (TRgb) colour that corresponds to the specified logical colour, for a specified control.


TLogicalColor aLogicalColorLogical colour.
const CCoeControl & aControlControl for which to get the mapping. Note controls can override the system mappings.


TDisplayMode DefaultDisplayMode()const [pure virtual]

Gets the environment setting for the default display mode.

Font(const TLogicalFont &)

const CFont *Font(const TLogicalFont &aLogicalFont)const [pure virtual]

Gets the environment's nearest match to the specified logical font.

The return value is never NULL.


const TLogicalFont & aLogicalFontLogical font to match.