MSmilMedia Class Reference

class MSmilMedia

Abstract base class for media objects

Member Functions Documentation

AfterL(MSmilActive *, const TSmilTime &, TBool)

voidAfterL(MSmilActive *iActive,
const TSmilTime &aDelay,
TBoolaLazy = EFalse
)[pure virtual]

Invoke the ActivateL() method of iActive when delay aDelay has passed.


MSmilActive * iActive
const TSmilTime & aDelay
TBool aLazy = EFalse


TPtrC Alt()const [pure virtual]

Alt tag

CancelActive(MSmilActive *)

voidCancelActive(MSmilActive *aActive)[pure virtual]

Cancel a pending request


MSmilActive * aActive

GetParam(const TDesC &)

TPtrC GetParam(const TDesC &aName)const [pure virtual]

Get media parameter, or empty TPtrC if not found


const TDesC & aName


TRect GetRectangle()const [pure virtual]

Returns the rectangle (region) where the media is supposed to be rendered on.


MSmilRegion *GetRegion()const [pure virtual]

Returns the region where this media is supposed to be rendered on. May be NULL.


TSmilTime MediaBegin()const [pure virtual]

Returns begin time of media relative to presentation begin time.


TSmilTime MediaEnd()const [pure virtual]

Returns end time of media relative to presentation begin time.


CSmilPresentation *Presentation()const [pure virtual]


voidRedraw()[pure virtual]

Invoked by renderer to ask redrawing of area covered by the media. This should be invoked when (visual) media appears, there are changes to it, and when it is removed.


voidRendererAtEndL()[pure virtual]

Invoked by a MSmillMediaRenderer object when the associated media ends (end of the file or stream is reached). Renderer should also move to frozen state at this point (that is, to keep showing the last frame).


voidRendererDurationChangedL()[pure virtual]

Invoked by a MSmillMediaRenderer object when there is a change in (known) state of its intrinsic values. For example, duration of video clip is not typically known until it is at least partially decoded. This method should be invoked by the renderer when this information becomes available.


TPtrC Src()const [pure virtual]

Media URL


TPtrC Type()const [pure virtual]

Type attribute. Should be used to override the media type checking in the media factory, for example should cause factory to try opening the image as gif.