MSmilActive Class Reference

class MSmilActive

This interface provides SMIL engine generated timing for components outside SMIL engine. This allows accurate synchronization of external components to the SMIL engine clock. For example, this interface may be used in media renderer to implement animation, for example animated GIFs. The interface is used inside the SMIL engine to provide timing for transition effects.

To use this interface, the using component inherits it and implements ActivateL() method. By using MSmilMedia::AfterL() method the component can request a delay of specific duration. ActivateL() is called when this duration has passed in SMIL presentation timeline. In real time, this might take longer than the requested time, for example if the presentation is paused.

Protected Member Functions
voidActivateL(const TSmilTime &)
Public Attributes
CSmilObject *iSmilObject

Member Functions Documentation

ActivateL(const TSmilTime &)

voidActivateL(const TSmilTime &aTime)[protected, pure virtual]

Called when the requested time has been reached. The current time, relative to the requesting media obect, is passed as parameter.


const TSmilTime & aTime

Member Data Documentation

CSmilObject * iSmilObject

CSmilObject *iSmilObject