Confirmation query

A confirmation query requests the user to confirm an operation, or asks a Yes-No-type of question. It can be used e.g. to make sure that the user does not accidentally delete important information or start an operation which cannot be cancelled. A touch down and release on the query has no effect. Confirmation query cannot be dismissed by tapping outside.

The layout for a Confirmation query is the same as the note layout, with an optional graphic item.

One or two softkey labels can be used. In case the query can cause two different consequences, the positive choice (Yes) is placed on the left softkey, and the negative one (No) on the right softkey. In pure confirmations, only one way to proceed is possible, and the response text (for example OK) is placed on the left softkey.

The Selection key always causes the same action as the left softkey.

Figure 1. Confirmation query

Guidelines for designing Confirmation queries:

  • When designing the prompt text, make sure that the positive answer is also a safe one. Users tend to proceed pressing the left softkey or the Selection key without thinking too much.

  • Redundant Confirmation queries should be avoided. Do not add a Confirmation query if there already are other forms of feedback, unless it is crucial that the user gets a certain piece of information.

Using confirmation queries in applications

For implementation information, see Queries.