Advanced Audio Adaptation Framework Overview

This document introduces you to the Advanced Audio Adaptation Framework (A3F) component.


A3F provides the interface between the Symbian platform and the audio processing hardware for all audio functionality. A3F is responsible for:

  • Providing access to all audio resources

  • Configuring audio hardware

  • Playing and recording audio data

  • Playing tones.

Required background

In order to use A3F, you should be familiar with DevSound.

Architectural relationships

A3F is a component in the Sound Device collection. A3F provides a new standardised implementation of DevSound which is configured by default from Symbian OS v9.5 onwards. A3F interacts with a specially customised DevSound (configured as optional).

Shown below is a representation of how A3F interacts with DevSound and other components:

Figure 1. A3F and related components

Library summary

A3F includes the following libraries:

Library Description

Audio Component Framework

The Audio Component Framework is responsible for creating audio contexts.

For more information, see Audio Component Framework Overview.

Audio Component Library

The Audio Component Library provides runtime control over audio streams.

For more information, see Audio Component Library Overview.