Multimedia Framework Overview

This document introduces you to the Multimedia Framework component.


The Multimedia Framework (MMF) is a lightweight multithreaded ECOM-plugin based framework which is used for playing and recording audio and video data. It offers client utilities for common audio and video tasks.

Required background

The Multimedia APIs and Frameworks Overview provides an introduction to the MMF and related components.

Architectural relationships

MMF is a framework component in the Multimedia APIs and Frameworks collection.

API summary

The MMF component includes the following APIs:

API Description

Audio Client

Provides functionality for audio playing, recording, and conversion.

For more information, see Audio Client Overview.

Audio Input Streaming

Provides functionality for opening, setting audio and mobile equipment properties, to read and close the stream.

For more information, see Audio Input Streaming Overview.

Audio Output Streaming

Provides functionality for opening, setting audio properties, to write and close the stream.

For more information, see Audio Output Streaming Overview.

GSM 6.10 Codec Implementation

Provides speech encoding and decoding functionality using GSM 6.10 full rate.

For more information, see GSM 6.10 Codec Implementation Overview.

Media Client Observer

Provides functionality to monitor and to handle events during audio record and convert operations.

For more information, see Media Client Observer Overview.

MIDI Client

Provides functionality to open, to play and obtain information in MIDI format.

For more information, see MIDI Client Overview.

Video Client

Provides functionality to record and play back video clips with and without attached audio.

For more information, see Video Client Overview.

Typical uses

The MMF Framework component is used for the following tasks:

  • To manipulate advance audio features like to play back, record, and convert sound clips.

  • Enable to play the tone sequences and the DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) strings.

  • To play, open, control, retrieve information and handle notifications for MIDI format.

  • To manipulate advance video features like to record and play back video clips.