CalendarInternalCRKeys.h File Reference

const TUid KCRUidCalendar

const TUidKCRUidCalendar

Calendar UI Settings API Provides access to the Calendar application's settings

const TUint32 KCalendarDefaultAlarmTime

const TUint32KCalendarDefaultAlarmTime

Default alarm time in minutes before event starting time. Value is an integer between 0 and 60. Default: 15.

const TUint32 KCalendarDefaultStartView

const TUint32KCalendarDefaultStartView

Default starting view for Calendar. Value is an integer between 0 and 2. 0 = Month view (default) 1 = Week view 2 = Day view

const TUint32 KCalendarWeekViewTitle

const TUint32KCalendarWeekViewTitle

Week view title in Calendar application. Value is eihter integer 0 or 1 0 = Week number (default) 1 = Week dates

const TUint32 KCalendarLunarCalendar

const TUint32KCalendarLunarCalendar

Is Chinese Lunar calendar information shown in Calendar (only available if feature is included in ROM image). Value is either integer 0 or 1 0 = Off 1 = On (default) This key value is deprecated and has been replaced by the KCRUidCalenLunarPlugin key.

const TUint32 KCalendarSoundFile

const TUint32KCalendarSoundFile

Calendar alarm sound file, string. Default value : "z:\data\sounds\digital\alarm.aac"

const TUint32 KCalendarDefaultSoundFile

const TUint32KCalendarDefaultSoundFile

Default Calendar alarm sound file. Default value : "z:\data\sounds\digital\alarm.aac"

const TUint32 KCalendarLostAlarm

const TUint32KCalendarLostAlarm

A flag that is set when a Calendar alarm was lost due to time change. Default value: 0

const TUint32 KCalendarSnoozeTime

const TUint32KCalendarSnoozeTime

Calendar alarm snooze time interval in minutes. Default value: 5

const TReal KCalendarPersistentTime

const TRealKCalendarPersistentTime

Calendar Persistent Time to store the last time the System Time updated. Default Value : 0

const TUint32 KCalendarPluginAvailability

const TUint32KCalendarPluginAvailability

Text string containing UIDs and enabled/disabled flag (separated by commas) for Calendar plugins. Default value: Empty

const TUint32 KCalendarLastUsedCalendar

const TUint32KCalendarLastUsedCalendar

Text string containing the name of last used calendar in unified editor. Used for storing the last used calendar name Default value : "c: calendar"

const TUint32 KCalendarFileNumber

const TUint32KCalendarFileNumber

Used for storing latest number used for appending to c:Calendar string. Default value 0

const TUint32 KCalendarSupressMissedAlarmSoftNotification

const TUint32KCalendarSupressMissedAlarmSoftNotification

Boolean value to show missed alarm soft notification by calendar application. 1 = Supress the missed alarm soft notification 0= Show the missed alarm soft notification

const TUint32 KCalendarStartupStatus

const TUint32KCalendarStartupStatus

Boolean value containing startup status Used for calendar files creation on first boot up Value is either boolean 0 or 1 0 = Off (default) calendar files not created 1 = On calendar files created

const TUint32 KCalendarDefaultColors

const TUint32KCalendarDefaultColors

Text string containing default calendar colors separated by commas Used for creating default calendars at the startup of the device Default value: "16711680,65280,255"

const TUint32 KCalendarAvailableValue

const TUint32KCalendarAvailableValue

String value containing unique calendar value Used for identifying an entry by LUID + unique calendar value Default value:"0"

const TUint32 KCalendarWeekViewNumber

const TUint32KCalendarWeekViewNumber

Boolean value containing week Number ON/OFF Default value:"0"