TPositionAreaInfo Class Reference

class TPositionAreaInfo : public TPositionAreaInfoBase

This class provides the data structure used by RPositioner to get Position Area information. Position Area information is normally used together with Position information and allows to define a rough accuracy of the position.

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Default constructor for TPositionAreaInfo



Overloaded constructor for TPositionAreaInfo


TArea aArea[In] The area information

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IMPORT_C TAreaArea()const

Returns area information


IMPORT_C voidSetArea(TAreaaArea)

Sets area information


TArea aArea[In] The area information

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum _TArea

Position area. Please note that the values assigned to each enumeration have no numerical meaning and should not be directly used.

Note that the _TArea enum may be extended in the future by adding more enumerated values. To maintain compatibility any unrecognized values must be handled as EAreaUnknown.


EAreaUnknown = 0

Data initialisation or unknown value.

EAreaCountry = 500

Accuracy is country size

EAreaRegion = 600

Accuracy is region size

EAreaCity = 700

Accuracy is city size

EAreaDistrict = 800

Accuracy is district size

EAreaStreet = 900

Accuracy is street size

Member Type Definitions Documentation

Typedef TArea

typedef TUint32 TArea

Defined type for TArea

Member Data Documentation

TArea iArea

TArea iArea[protected]

TUint8 iReserved

TUint8 iReserved[private]

Unused variable for future expansion.