MFeatureObserver Class Reference

class MFeatureObserver

Class provides a callback interface for handling notifification of changes in features. The client derives a class from this interface and implements the HandleNotifyChange-methods that interest it.

Feature Notifier API consists of the classes CFeatureNotifier and MFeatureObserver. TFeatureEntry and TFeatureChangeType are defined in featurecmn.h.

Member Functions Documentation

HandleNotifyChange(TFeatureChangeType, TFeatureEntry)

)[pure virtual]

This callback method is used to notify the client about the change in a feature.

TFeatureChangeType TFeatureEntry


TFeatureChangeType aTypeType of the change.
TFeatureEntry aFeatureThe changed feature. Note that although aFeature is a TFeatureEntry object, only the iFeatureID field is set by the server.


voidHandleNotifyError(TIntaError)[pure virtual]

This callback method is used to notify the client about errors in the CFeatureNotifier. Any error in the notifier causes the notifier to stop handling of notifications. Handling can be restarted with a call to aNotifier->NotifyRequest(), if the error is non-fatal.


TInt aErrorOne of the Symbian OS error codes.