MBookmarkObserver Class Reference

class MBookmarkObserver

Applications can derive from this class in order to receive notifications if the the database changes. The system shares a single bookmark database so it is possible for another application or service to change the database while you are using it. By registering as an observer, and deriving from MBookmarkObserver, you can be notified if such an event occurs.

Your view of the database will not be automatically updated. You will need to call RBkDatabase::RefreshL() in order for changes to be updated.

Public Member Functions
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enumTEvent { EEventUpdatedBookmarkTree, EEventUpdatedConfig, EEventUpdatedIcons }

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voidMBONotify(TEventaEvent)[pure virtual]

The call-back function that will be called when the database has changed.


TEvent aEventThe type of bookmark database change.

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum TEvent

Bookmark database change notification events.



One or more folders or bookmarks have had their properties modified


One or more database-wide properties has been modified


Icon data has been added or modified