MEikCommandObserver Class Reference

class MEikCommandObserver

Command observers respond to user commands, and have the secondary function of creating custom controls on request for classes such as CEikToolbar, or user-defined classes.

An implementation of the pure virtual function ProcessCommandL() must be provided for each concrete class derived from MEikCommandObserver. CreateCustomCommandControlL() may also be re-implemented.

Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C CCoeControl *CreateCustomCommandControlL(TInt)
Protected Member Functions
Private Member Functions
IMPORT_C voidMEikCommandObserver_Reserved1()
IMPORT_C voidMEikCommandObserver_Reserved2()
Private Attributes
TInt iMEikCommandObserver_Reserved1

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Constructor for MEikCommandObserver

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IMPORT_C CCoeControl *CreateCustomCommandControlL(TIntaControlType)[virtual]

Glue for creating custom controls.

This function can be called to create custom controls on request from their control ID. Custom controls are user-supplied control classes.

Given the ID of a custom control, this function should return a pointer to a newly-instantiated and fully constructed control. If the ID is unrecognised, NULL should be returned. The control returned will be owned by the caller.


TInt aControlTypeA custom control ID.


IMPORT_C voidMEikCommandObserver_Reserved1()[private, virtual]

Reserved for Future use


IMPORT_C voidMEikCommandObserver_Reserved2()[private, virtual]

Reserved for Future use


voidProcessCommandL(TIntaCommandId)[pure virtual]

Processes user commands.

Derived classes must provide an implementation of this function which responds to user commands appropriately based on a user-defined ID for the command.


TInt aCommandIdID of the command to respond to.

Member Data Documentation

TInt iMEikCommandObserver_Reserved1

TInt iMEikCommandObserver_Reserved1[private]