Packaging the Privacy Controller

This topic describes how to package the Privacy Controller with the capabilities Location, ReadDeviceData and WriteDeviceData.

Defining the MMP file

The example below shows the MMP file for an example Privacy Controller.

 Name		: LicenseeLBSPrivacyController.mmp
 Description : This is the project specification file for LicenseeLBSPrivacyController.

TARGET		  LicenseeLBSPrivacyController.exe
UID			 0x100039CE 0xE3753FED

SYSTEMINCLUDE   \epoc32\include
SYSTEMINCLUDE	\epoc32\include\lbs

SOURCE		  MyLBSPrivacyController.cpp

LIBRARY		 euser.lib
LIBRARY		 lbsprivacycontroller.lib
LIBRARY		 lbsloccommon.lib

// Required capabilities for a Privacy Controller

The most important points about this file are:

  • In this case target type is EXE and UID2 = 0x100039CE for a GUI app. A Privacy Controller could be implemented without a UI if user interaction is not required. The UID3 shown is just an example and for a real Privacy Controller a Symbian-issued UID must be used.

  • The Privacy Controller code needs to link to lbsprivacycontroller.lib and lbsloccommon.lib.

  • The Privacy Controller requires the capabilities Location , ReadDeviceData and WriteDeviceData .