TDisplayConfiguration Class Reference

class TDisplayConfiguration : public TDisplayConfiguration1

The display configuration class for general use.

May be extended by adding a chain of classes between this and TDisplayConfiguration1. If so, also update the typedef TDisplayConfigurationTop.

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Construct a configuration of the default version with all attributes undefined.

TDisplayConfiguration(const TDisplayConfiguration &)

TDisplayConfiguration(const TDisplayConfiguration &aDisplayConfiguration)[inline]

Copy constructor. This constructor will read the version field of the source and target objects and only copy the common set of fields. Any remaining fields in the target object will be set as undefined.


const TDisplayConfiguration & aDisplayConfigurationConfiguration to be copied.



Constructs a display configuration for a particular version.

This constructor is designed to be used with the value returned by MDisplayControlBase::PreferredDisplayConfigurationVersion(), and initializes the members to represent an object compatible with that.

The version used is the earlier of aVersion and the compile time version of TDisplayConfiguration.


TInt aVersionCaller-defined maximum version of configuration.

Member Functions Documentation

operator=(const TDisplayConfiguration &)

TDisplayConfiguration operator=(const TDisplayConfiguration &aRhs)const [private, inline]


const TDisplayConfiguration & aRhs

operator==(const TDisplayConfiguration &)

TBool operator==(const TDisplayConfiguration &aRhs)const [inline]

Compares two TDisplayConfiguration instances.

The two objects are equivalent if they have the same version, the same set of attributes defined and all the defined attributes are the same. Undefined attributes are not compared.


const TDisplayConfiguration & aRhsThe object to compare with this object.

Member Type Definitions Documentation

Typedef TDisplayConfigurationTop

typedef TDisplayConfiguration1 TDisplayConfigurationTop[private]