TApaAppIdentifier Class Reference

class TApaAppIdentifier

The identity of an application.

An object of this type contains two pieces of information:

The application specific UID

The file name and extension of the application DLL

All persisted documents associated with this application have a stream containing this information.

CApaProcess::ReadRootStreamLC() CApaProcess::WriteRootStreamL() CApaProcess::ReadAppIdentifierL() CApaProcess::WriteAppIdentifierL()

Public Member Functions
TApaAppIdentifier(TUid, const TFileName &)
IMPORT_C voidExternalizeL(RWriteStream &)
IMPORT_C voidInternalizeL(RReadStream &)
Public Attributes
TUid iAppUid
TFileName iFullName
Private Attributes
TInt iTApaAppIdentifier_Reserved1

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



Constructs an empty application identifier.

The data is not initialised.

TApaAppIdentifier(TUid, const TFileName &)

const TFileName &aDllName

Constructs an application identifier from the specified application DLL file name and extension, and the specified application UID.


TUid aAppUidTypeThe application specific UID.
const TFileName & aDllNameThe filename and extension of the application DLL.

Member Functions Documentation

ExternalizeL(RWriteStream &)

IMPORT_C voidExternalizeL(RWriteStream &aStream)const

Externalises the application identifier to a write stream.


RWriteStream & aStreamThe write stream.

InternalizeL(RReadStream &)

IMPORT_C voidInternalizeL(RReadStream &aStream)

Internalises the application identifier from a read stream.


RReadStream & aStreamThe read stream.

Member Data Documentation

TUid iAppUid

TUid iAppUid

The application-specific UID.

TFileName iFullName

TFileName iFullName

The full path name of the application DLL.

TInt iTApaAppIdentifier_Reserved1

TInt iTApaAppIdentifier_Reserved1[private]