Video Subtitle CRP Overview

This document introduces you to the Video Subtitle CRP component.


The Video Subtitle CRP component is used for displaying subtitles artwork on a video window.

Architectural relationship

Video Subtitle CRP interacts with WServ Process; and Client Process interacts with Controller Process by a client thread and controller thread respectively.

CRP is a plug-in framework provided by Window Server (WServ). WServ is the server side process which allows the artwork providers to render content to the application window within the WServ process.

Client Process is the client side implementation of subtitle support using CVideoPlayerUtility2 class.

Control Process contains Video Player Controller and Subtitle Decoder and Render to process the subtitle artwork on a video window.

For information about Video Client API see Video Client Overview and for Multimedia Framework see Multimedia Framework Overview

The architectural relationship between WServ Process, Client Process and Controller Process is shown below:

Library summary

The Video Subtitle CRP component consists of the following libraries:

Library Description


The Subtitle Graphic library is used to add subtitle CRP for MMF. For more information, see Subtitle Graphic Overview.

Typical uses

The Video Subtitle CRP Component is used to add subtitle for a video.