Introduction to the Multimedia Validation Suite

Multimedia Validation Suite (MVS) provides a set of packages that help in development and testing of Symbian Multimedia Plugins. It also provides the example Controller and Codec plugins for the developers to base their plugins.

The MVS consists of,

  • a TechView GUI

  • a UI-independent validation engine that help in exercising the MMF API which inturn test the underlying Controller and Codec Plugins

  • a set of reference controller plugins and codecs. You can base your solutions on these, or test new products against them.

These pages describe the MVS TechView GUI, which you use to record, play, edit and configure audio and video files.

Log Files

All events during a session - your actions and the MVS's responses - are recorded in the event log file, C:\logs\LogMVSappUi\LogFile.txt. Each record in the file has the format:

Date: Time: Actions / Errors

If an error occurs during a session, you can check the contents of this file to help determine the cause. You can also clear the contents of the file.

Session settings

When you start the MVS, it uses the following settings from the previous session:

  • last play format

  • last folder played from

  • last folder recorded to

  • last drive selected

  • sound volume

  • sound gain

  • stereo balance

  • file play on open.